What’s in My Bag: Carry on Essentials

by Nicole Erin

Happy Wednesday Friends!! I am currently packing my bags for another exciting travel adventure tooooooo…..LAS VEGAS! I thought would share with you my carry on bag essentials and a few tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way. So let’s find out what’s inside my carry on bag and what my flight essentials are.

First things first…I get motion sickness, from pretty much anything and everything. Wether I’m flying, playing video games or going on a ride at the amusement park; I always get motion sick. So when I fly I always take Gravol to help me with my motion sickness. I start by taking the first dose two hours before the flight and then again on the flight if its longer then two hours. It generally takes care of the horrible dizzy feeling I get when I fly and now I can actually look forward to my flights. When I first board the plane I like to find my seat and before I do anything else I get out my disinfect wipes and give every surface a wipe down. This might seem a little extreme but you would be surprised at the amount of germs and bacteria on an airplane. Be sure to wipe down arm rests, in flight entreatment centre, any buttons and most importantly the tray table because with such a fast turn around, airlines don’t always have time to clean it between flights. Now that the house keeping is down it’s time to sit back, chew some gum so my hears don’t pop and relax with these next few essentials in my carry on.




Wether I’m on an 8 hour flight from Italy or a quickie to Vegas, my music is always my go to. I love to listen to Spotify and and create new playlists depending on my mood. I like how you can download the music on your phone so it doesn’t use all your data when traveling. I have the app on my Xiaomi RedMi Note 2 and just use my old Apple headphones because they are really comfortable for my little ears. I always try to keep my headphones and an extra battery changer in a small pouch so they don’t get knotted or tangled and I can easily find them in my big bag of things. Up next in my carry on I always keep some reading material. I have a copy of this months Cosmopolitan, it is my all time favourite magazine. This month Kourtney Kardashian is on the cover so I’m super excited to read her interview. Another handy essential in my carry on bag is a small notebook and pen me so I can jot down anything important I need to remember or for filling out the Declaration card on the plane. A pen always comes in handy when traveling!

This next essential is always with me when I travel, my wallet! When I travel I like to switch to something larger with tons of POCKETS! This wallet is perfect for traveling because of its size and as an added bonus its also vegan. There is a pocket for my passport that has a zipper so it can’t fall out or get lost while I’m moving around the airport and a small removable pouch to keep my change in. A tip to save some money when your traveling is by bringing your own snacks. I’ve made the mistake of being half way through the second movie on a long flight and deciding to buy a $7 snack size pack of Nibs because I wasn’t prepared with my essentials. So always bring snacks (Pringles & Nibs are my fav because they sell them on the plane and I always want what I can’t have) you’ll thank me especially if you have a long layover or experience flight delays. This next item will also definitely come in handy if you have a long flights or longlay overs. It’s my laptop and beautiful black travel case. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent in the airport watching movies on this bad boy. I seriously can’t travel without it or these next beauty essentials.






I don’t like to wear too much make up when I’m traveling, I love to sleep on planes and trains so wearing a full face of makeup can be really uncomfortable and not look very nice after 8-16 hours of  travel (I’m only going to Vegas this time so it’s only 4 hours). I always bring these travel essentials to freshen up with during and after a flight so I look and feel my best when I arrive. My first beauty essential are Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth, Cleansing Cloths:Brightening, they wipe away dirt, oil, and makeup and leaving your skin feeling rejuvenated after your flight. Next I always use Fresh’s Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment when my lips feel dry or chapped from the dry air on the plane. They also have ones with a coloured tint to them so you can feel really put together. Once my flight has landed I put on mascara and this time I have this travel sized Too Faced, Better Than Sex mascara that I’m really excited to try. Then I’ll use Benefit’s Gimme Brow in the shade 03 Medium to give my brows a little fix up to complete the fresh faced look. Lastly I’m bringing with me my new favourite fragrance Angel Muse by Mugler, in this beautiful travel size bottle I received recently. I love how feminine smells with hints of grapefruit, pink peppercorn and a woody scent, so to freshen up I spray a little perfume until I’m able to shower properly.

So I think I saved the best item for last, this amazing bag from Winners thats says “Escape”. I absolutely love it and think it’s the perfect carry on not only because it’s super cute but because of how big it is. It holds everything you see here and still had space to spare if I want to go shopping while I’m in Vegas. My last travel tip is for your carry on to close with a zipper or some type of snaps. This one has snaps on the inside you can’t see and has the brown straps to keep everything safe inside while traveling.

Carry on Essentials:
Disinfecting Wipes
Phone + Headphones + Pouch
Pen & Notebook
Wallet: Winners
Travel Case + Macbook Pro
Candy: Nibs + Pringles
Lip Balm: Fresh’s Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment
Moisturizer: Aveeno
Face Wipes | Ole Henriksen The Clean Truth, Cleansing Cloths:Brightening
Mascara: Too Faced, Better Than Sex mascara
Brow Gel: Benefit’s Gimme Brow
Perfume Mugler, Angel Muse
Travel Bag: Winners

I hope you enjoyed seeing what’s in my carry on! Leave me a comment below of  some of your travel essentials, I’d love to here from you!signature-01


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