Halloween Guide: What to do for Halloween

by Nicole Erin

The countdown is on until Halloween! If you’re like me you probably don’t have plans yet but don’t worry I have you covered. I put together the perfect night to celebrate Halloween with your BFF, BF or in my case Husband!

First things first, you will need to start with unlimited candy! I love Smarties, Kit Kat & Sour Patch Kids and will definitely be overindulging in them on Halloween night! Next up is the pumpkin carving, mostly because you can roast the seeds and eat them as a snack during your Halloween Movie marathon. Which bring me to my favorite Halloween movies, and I might mention now that they are NOT scary movies! I like to stick with my childhood fav’s but this year I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and I plan to watch Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. As a child I was a little offended he brought up Christmas but now I feel like I’m really missing out on a cult classic. So I’m going to watch it this Halloween as well as of course, Hocus Pocus and Casper The Friendly Ghost. Key word “Friendly” because I don’t enjoy scary.

Once you have a movie chosen you’ll only need a few more Halloween essentials… like a costume! Or in my case a fun Halloween themed sweatshirt and bold lipstick! My go-to for lipstick is always M.A.C. Cosmetics because they have such a wide variety of bold and beautiful colors. If your feeling a little frisky on All Hallows’ Eve try an extreme cat eye, I love Kat Von D’s Ink Liner because it will last all night long and is so easy to use. This next Halloween essential is especially important if your staying home this Halloween, it’s cozy socks! You’ll be running back and forth to the door for all the Trick or Treaters, so keep those toes toasty and warm.

To set the mood on Halloween I like to light ALL my candles and turning the lights down, this makes a spooky, cozy feeling while I watch movies and indulge in candy. My last Halloween essential is for the end of the night to relax and unwind and it’s a bath bomb! These bath bombs from Lush are the best and I love how they are Halloween themed, the little monster is my favorite!


Halloween Guide
1. Candy!
2. Pumpkin Carving & Roasting Pumpkin Seeds
3. Costume/Sweatshirt: H&M 1 | ILY 2 | ILY 3
4. Outrageous Lipstick: M.A.C. 1| 2 | 3
5. Cat Eye – Kat Von D Ink Liner
6. Cozy Socks
7. Candels: Bath & Body Works – Pumpkin Spice
8. Bath Bomb – Lush
9. NOT Scary Movies:
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Hocus Pocus
Casper The Friendly Ghost

Thank so much for reading, leave me a comment down below of your Halloween plans I’d love to hear from you!
I hope you have Happy Halloween Beauties!!!


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