Teeez Cosmetics Review BLOGMAS

by Nicole Erin

Hello & Welcome back to My Roaring Life, today I’m so excited to share with you this amazing make up collection from Teeez Cosmetics! Teeez is based in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands and is now available in Canada exclusively at Hudson’s Bay. I’m obsessed with their packaging, it’s edgy and inspired by the fashion shows in Paris, Milan, London & New York. I’ve been playing around with their products for a few months and have definitely found some new go-to’s so keep reading for a review of some of their fabulous beauty products.


I love, love, love this mascara! When I first tried it this mascara I thought to myself “wow I really like this”. I was so pleased with how easy it was to apply, my natural lashes are short and straight but this mascara made them look so full of volume. The brush is absolutely fabulous, it narrows at the tip making it really easy to apply to the inner corner of your lashes and your bottom ones as well. If your’e looking for a new mascara you should absolutely try Teeez’s Desert Metals Mascara! 


These eyeshadow palettes are seriously to die for! It’s a creamy pressed powder formula that’s so silky and easy to apply. I love how I can apply in the morning and at the end of the day I still look fresh and nothing has moved or smudged. Each shadow is really intensely pigmented and I love how they both come with a dark shadow to create a bold smokey  eye. The Equinox palette has beautiful frosty grey tones while Fashion Paragon is more warm tones, they are both to die for!

To Die For Eyeshadow – Equinox

To Die For Eyeshadow – Fashion Paragon


Read my lips I love Teeez’s lipsticks, they have become stapes in my purse and I reach for them all the time. They are mega long lasting and look fabulous all night long. I have them in the shade On Trend & Cool Cerise, both are highly pigmented have great coverage. They are a satin matte finish so they don’t dry out your lips like other matte finishes tend to do. I definitely recommend trying these beautiful lipsticks next time your looking for a new shade and they also make a great holiday gift.

Read My Lips Lipstick in On Trend
Read My Lips Lipstick in Cool Cerise


Highlighter is something I normally struggle with but Teeez’s creamy formula makes it really easy to use and blend. You can achieve that just got back vacation look with their Style Addict Highlighter by applying it where the sun would hit. It gives your skin a natural brightened look and feels weightless on your skin.  

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