1st Trimester – Weekly Updates

by Nicole Erin


+Food Aversions/Cravings: Food aversions started pretty early for me, before I even found out I was pregnant I only wanted to eat plain bagels with butter which is definitely not one of my usual go-to’s. Weeks 5-9 were definitely the toughest, I pretty much lived on Cheerios, crackers, pumpkin seeds, Mr. Noodles, popcorn and protein shakes. I haven’t really had any crazy cravings so far, there were two days when I was craving BBQ chips. I could literally taste them in my mouth and they were all I could think about but then they gave me really bad heartburn so that craving ended pretty quickly. Update: in week 10 I started craving Taco Bell🔥

+Heightened Sense of Smell: I’ve definitely had a heightened sense of smell which played a part in all my food aversions. My sense of smell was completely out of whack, I couldn’t even open the fridge for the first two months of pregnancy without gagging and running away. I’m so grateful Vlad has been stepping up and taking care of all the chores around the house because I can’t stand the smell of anything and definitely was not up for taking the garbage out.  

+Nausea: I’m nauseous ALL THE TIME but luckily I only puked twice. I try my best to snack as much as possible because I’m not always eating full meals. I try to eat something every two hours, even if it’s just a few crackers or some Cheerios and it definitely helps. I also ordered Preggie Pop Drops which surprisingly helped a lot, especially between meals when my nausea would really kick in.

+Fatigue: Pregnancy is absolutely exhausting, especially in the first trimester when your body is going through so many changes. Every day when I got home from work I would take a nap and on weekends sometimes twice a day and would still find myself falling asleep on the couch most nights. My best advice is to listen to your body and rest when you need it for the first 12 weeks.

+Headaches: I started getting really bad headaches around 6 weeks, it sometimes felt like waking up with a hangover without the fun of the night before. I ended up missing a lot of work because I just couldn’t function with how awful I was feeling and the only thing that would help was taking a nap. I didn’t feel comfortable taking anything for the pain so I would just tough it out.

+Constipation: This is probably TMI so keep scrolling if it is but constipation during pregnancy is something I had never heard anyone talk about before. I’m normally a pretty regular, I go at least once a day but it got to the point where I was going to the bathroom like every 2-3 days. I had to up my fibre and make sure I was drinking a lot of water each day to help get things moving.

+Vivid Dreams: This started happening in week 10, I started having the most intense dreams. My dreams became the most detailed movies in my head that last all night long, sometimes I’ll even wake up and the dream will just pause until I fall back asleep and keep playing in my mind. I also always remember my dreams the next morning which can be really overwhelming depending on what happened.


Week 5: We found out I was pregnant, the best feeling in the world looking at that positive test! Without even knowing I was pregnant I had already started avoiding certain foods, especially ones with strong flavours. I started eating plain bagels with butter which is not my usual food of choice but made complete sense once I found out I was pregnant.

Week 6-9: Morning sickness (all day sickness) kicked in, I was feeling really rough. I started getting headaches, and dizziness. I became so sensitive to smells, I couldn’t go near the fridge for weeks! My emotions were all over the place and I was exhausted all the time, taking two naps a day and still sleeping 8 hours last night. Vlad was my rock and took care of everything around the house and made me. Hip pain lost 10lbs

Week 10: First ultrasound, was so emotional hearing the heartbeat and seeing our little peanut moving around. Currently, craving Taco Bell, my order; is a Beef Dorito Gordita with no ranch, Cheesy fries and Lemonade with no ice. Oh and don’t forget the extra hot sauce! Vivid dreams started this week and are exhausting. Told our families, so excited to see their reactions, first grandchild

Week 11: My boobs are officially out of control, said goodbye to an underwire and had to get all new bras. Also ordered a new mattress I was having a new bed because of hip pain.

Week 12: NIPT Screening, Ultrasound & blood test. Finally starting to feel like me again, can finally open the fridge without gagging. Still tired all the time and get headaches

Week 13-14: My bump is officially showing and my pants no longer fit. I’ve ordered new leggings but haven’t found a long-term solution to pants and hope the weather will warm up so I can start wearing dresses and skirts. Vlad was in London for a week and I was very emotional but distracted myself by researching a list of newborn essentials. Still craving Taco Bell.

1st Trimester Checklist:
– 1st Ultra Sound✓
– NIPT Screening✓
– Choose our OB✓
– Told our families ✓

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