First Trimester Essentials

by Nicole Erin

The first trimester is an experience like no other, your body is flooded with changing hormones, you’re exhausted all the time and possibly have morning sickness (that actually lasts all day). I honestly wouldn’t have survived my first trimester without all of these essentials and highly recommended them to any first-time Mums out there!

+ Prenatal Vitamins – You should try to start 3 months before conceiving or as soon as you find out you’re pregnant! It’s best to take them at breakfast or lunchtime

+ Bio-Oil– For stretch makes, you obviously won’t have them yet but it’s good to get into the habit early 

+ Huge Bottle of water – Helps with constipation! Your body also needs extra fluids to support the growth and development of your baby. It supports fetal circulation, formation of amniotic fluid and production of extra blood

+ Schmidt’s Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant -This was the only one that worked for me, thank you pregnancy hormones

+ New Bras – Lose the underwire, trust me! 

+ Cozy Blanket – Pregnancy is absolutely exhausting! Your body is working overtime to support the growth of your baby, you get tired more easily so take naps and rest when you can. You can also pack it in your hospital bag!

+ Polaroid Printer – For weekly or monthly bump photos. I prefer the printer over the camera so you can print your favourite pictures, past and present

+ Books/Apps – I use the What to Expect app to track my pregnancy progress, I like how it shares what’s happening with the baby each week as well as the changes my body is going through

+ Size up in Leggings – In your first trimester you won’t need to invest in maternity clothing just yet but I did size up in my leggings so there was more room to grow. 

+ Preggie Pop Drops – These were really helpful for nausea, I didn’t discover them until the end of my first trimester and wish I had known about them sooner, so definitely try these if you are suffering from morning sickness

+ Snacks – Because I was so nauseous and had such strong food aversions I wasn’t eating full meals, I found I felt best if I ate something small every 2 hours

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