by Nicole Erin

Surprise, I’m PREGNANT!!!! I can’t believe I’m actually writing this blog post! I feel like I’ve been waiting forever to share our news and this finally makes it feel real. I’m currently 14 weeks as I write this and by the time you read this I’ll be around 18 weeks. I’m so excited to document my first pregnancy and share it with you, keep reading to find out more about my pregnancy journey so far!

How We Found Out: At the end of January, I missed my period but held off taking a test because we’d been trying for just over a year and I wasn’t ready for another negative test. After waiting for almost a week I started to get suspicious and decided to take a test and for some reason, there was no blue line in the control window which meant the test didn’t work and I had to take another one. My husband Vlad was curious and re-dipped the test in the glass and it immediately turned positive! We knew that we couldn’t trust the results of this test so we rushed to the drug store 10 minutes before its closing to buy another one. I bought a digital test so there would be no confusion and a huge can of ice tea and rushed home. We waited two hours before taking the test so the pregnancy hormones could build up and then it was go-time! It was honestly the longest 3 minutes of our lives waiting for the results. We just laid on our bed and barely said a word to each other nervously waiting for the timer on our google home to ring, hoping it would come back positive and IT DID!!! I was PREGNANT!!! We both cried, hugged each other and just kept staring at the test in shock. It was such an amazing feeling after such a long journey and we’ve never been more excited. We can’t wait to meet our little peanut!

Our Journey: After finally moving into our dream home we knew the next goal in our relationship was growing our family. We started the journey by buying an ovulation kit from the drug store and reading all about the ovulation schedules and when the best time to try to get pregnant was each month. I had always been worried about getting pregnant due to our family history so I told myself this was going to be a process and it wouldn’t happen overnight. 4 months quickly passed and still nothing had happened, my period came late once and that was it. The pressure was starting to build from everyone around me with constant questions and comments like: “Are you pregnant yet?”  “When are you starting IVF?” “OMG, congratulations so and so told me you’re pregnant”. These questions and comments really frustrated me and I felt that people were completely overstepping their boundaries and adding unnecessary pressure to the process. By November 2021, after almost a year of trying to get pregnant without any luck, my anxiety level grew day by day and I was easily triggered by anything and everything. This is when we decided to take a break from trying for a few months and regroup after the holidays. Christmas came and went which was the perfect distraction that helped me relax and feel like myself again and in January we finally conceived!

Due Date: I’m due in early October which is absolutely no surprise to me because October is a HUGE birthday month in my family and friends. My birthday kicks off the celebrations at the begging of the month followed by my sister, my aunt, my husband’s grandma, my mum’s best friend and of course my Mum. I’m so excited to add another Birthday to our exclusive October club and can’t wait to see if Baby C will end up sharing a Birthday with someone.

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